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Reducing risk story

Providing real-time support in compliance

With our new Deloitte Managed Services platform, we are supporting our clients with their day-to-day regulatory challenges.

Staying compliant has never been more challenging. The range and complexity of laws and regulations is continually increasing, as well as the penalties for non-compliance. Some financial institutions have therefore chosen to simplify their product and service offering, or to even leave entire markets, in an attempt to ease this compliance burden and reduce the associated costs.

We are convinced that the answer lies not in avoiding the complexity of regulations, but in smart solutions and sharing the costs of regulatory compliance across industry players. In light of this, we launched Deloitte Managed Services in October 2016 drawing on both our advisory and consulting expertise. This new service platform offers to our clients dynamic business processes encapsulated within workflow tools, ensuring their compliance with all relevant laws and regulations in Switzerland and abroad on a day-to-day basis. 

The standardisation brought by our platform allows our clients to share costs, ensure consistent application of a given set of rules and regulations and enables timely out-of-the box updates whenever required. Based on our calculations, our clients will be able to significantly reduce the time spent on a compliance review by over 50 percent, with the quality and accuracy of data received and reported also significantly increased. 

We are convinced that the answers lie not in avoiding the complexity of regulations, but in smart solutions.