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Sulzer: Implementing a successful transformation programme

Deloitte supported Sulzer in defining and implementing a finance transformation programme.

At Deloitte, we look to support growth in all of our clients. As part of a broader programme to improve its profitability we worked alongside the industrial group Sulzer, supporting their global finance transformation project. The programme aims to deliver double-digit productivity improvement, by better leveraging scale to close the gap with other best-in-class organisations. 

Our role as primary advisor to Sulzer offered us the opportunity to be part of this project from start to finish – helping to define strategy and the new operating model, as well as planning and implementing its execution. To maximize its impact, the project was designed around three phases. First, we worked with Sulzer to identify the right external partner to outsource core transactional processes, enabling world-class efficiency in the finance services organisation. We then gave support in defining a regional clusters concept, based on a new financial operating model, which will bring together common functions into regional centres of excellence, allowing the business to be served more effectively. Finally, we helped in developing a training concept (Sulzer Finance Academy) designed to further both technical and soft skills within the finance organisation. 

It was critical that this transformation project would provide lasting benefits to the business. Therefore, with our support, Sulzer carried out the implementation in phases, focusing on one continent at a time (America, Europe, Asia). Together, we also made sure that local finance managers and staff involved with the standardised finance processes were fully equipped through common governance and guidelines.

As a result of this global finance transformation, Sulzer has improved process standardisation and effectiveness, and achieved important cost savings throughout the organisation. 

“Deloitte has played an important part in the success of this project. The team quickly understood our situation and supported us in developing and implementing this strategic finance transformation programme.”