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Powering growth story

UBS: Creating the European Bank

In 2016 UBS launched UBS Europe SE, a combination of most of its Wealth Management businesses in Europe into one legal entity. It was an industry-pioneering move, one that has helped to lay strong foundations for future growth. 

Our role was to support UBS in making it happen, bringing together our global breadth of expertise including strategy consulting, financial advisory and regulatory specialists. Together we designed the operational model for the new entity, coordinated the transaction, managed regulatory engagement, and administered the overall programme. In doing so we helped UBS to take an important step towards streamlining its legal and governance structure and increasing operational and capital efficiency across its European businesses. 

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, UBS Europe SE now allows previously separate entities in Germany, Italy, Luxembourg (which already includes branches in Austria, Denmark and Sweden), the Netherlands and Spain to operate effectively across European markets through a network of branches. 

“The establishment of UBS Europe SE is at the core of our European Wealth Management strategy. As our trusted advisor on strategy, regulatory and transaction-related themes, and as our reliable execution partner, Deloitte contributed significantly to the successful launch of UBS Europe SE.”