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Delivering purpose story

WEF: Partnering against corruption

Deloitte joined forces with the World Economic Forum to fight against corruption.

As leading Forensic practice on the Swiss market, we always aim to share the best of our skills, knowledge and experience to support projects that really matter to society at large. This is how we started working with the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Since 2014, we have been serving as their lead advisor and knowledge partner on their Partnering Against Corruption Initiative multi-year project. This programme aims to address specific corruption risks and enhance transparency in the sectors of infrastructure, engineering, construction, and real estate in countries at high risk.

During its third and final year, we helped the WEF shed light on the competitive potential of a Latin American country’s economy which is being hindered by a lack of transparency, ineffective governance and corruption issues that harm the business environment and society and deter investment and development. 
Together, we have been working to develop practical outcomes and solutions that increase transparency and level the playing field by reducing corruption and rebuilding a culture of trust and integrity in business and wider institutions. We brought together key local stakeholders to design concrete solutions that both public and private sector organisations could commit to for the creation of sustainable change, and provided a number of key recommendations in our final report. 

Through our work with the World Economic Forum, we have contributed to shaping the agenda on global and industry issues as an advisor to Forum projects. Initiatives such as this are an important part of our purpose to make an impact that matters, not only for our clients and our people, but also for wider society.

“Deloitte’s expertise and network was critical to advance the anti-corruption agenda and to the development of sustainable and practical solutions. The dedicated workforce provided by Deloitte brought the body of knowledge to successfully accompany the Forum over the three-year project.”